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Ever wondered how you can have #bodygoals like celebrities and athletes? Prime is the newest fitness app that will whip you into shape and actually make it fun. It’s simple: choose a celebrity or athlete’s workout plan, subscribe to it, and you’re good to go!

With Prime, you have access to a vast number of exclusive workout videos and meal plans straight from the stars themselves. Your dream body is only one tap away. Just train hard and don’t quit!


updates & selfies

Make workouts more enjoyable by posting workout updates and selfies. Whether it’s running the extra mile or finally losing that last five pounds, share updates with the world anytime.

We know hard work pays off. So show off your hard work by posting a workout selfie. It’s a great way for you to see your progress and boost your confidence. Your selfie could even inspire other users to get into shape!


With Prime, you can connect with other people by sharing updates and workout selfies. You’ll get support from your friends, the chance to motivate others, and make new friends. The end result? You’ll never feel like you’re alone in your fitness journey.

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Prime Blog is dedicated to making our community more interactive. We regularly update our blog to bring you the latest updates, information, and insights. From fitness tips to healthy eating to app updates, we got it covered for you.

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Prime Partners

What is a Prime Partner?

Prime Partners are the main movers of our app. They are a network of athletes, sports managers, agencies, marketers, sponsors, and influencers with many years of industry experience combined.

As a Prime Partner, you have the exclusive opportunity to leverage your presence into something even more valuable: a personal brand that allows you to engage with fans and be recognized extensively by potential sponsors.

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